Trouble Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit

Problems that often occur in the outdoor unit Air Conditioner (AC), components contained in the outdoor unit AC there are some parts are Compressor + Protector (commonly called OverLoad), Condenser, Motor Blower (Fan), Capacitor Compressor, and Capacitor Motor Blower (Fan). The above components are generally available on outdoor AC units 12000 BTU / h (commonly referred to as 1.5 PK) down, and for outdoor components, AC 12000 BTU / h (1.5 PK) upwards such as 18000 BTU / h (2 PK) exist Slight differences in components in outdoor AC units. If you are having problems with your home air conditioner, it is better to use the best air conditioning service such as aircon service which will surely provide you with warranty and timely service.

In the outdoor unit there are components that I mentioned above was that is often the damage is Capasitor Compressor, and Capacitor Motor Blower (Fan) often I encounter when repairing outdoor AC unit, because if both components are damaged then consequently Compressor can not Operate and will cause damage effects on the Compressor component if not immediately replaced with a new spare part, for users or users AC if suddenly your AC unit experience symptoms that are not as usual or not cold as usual in try not to turn on / In operational, immediately call the technician you usually trust, to check the condition or state of your air conditioning unit.