Prohibitions during the ayahuasca treatment

If you think that you wish to try an alternative method to cure your depression, then we are going to recommend you to go to Peru. There, you will be able to find an ancient method which has been preserved for centuries by the Amazonian tribe. It’s called Ayahuasca, and it has been claimed to be so effective for curing depression and other psychological problems.

However, before one can take the treatment, there are some prohibitions that must be avoided at all cost. Restraining yourself from doing these prohibited activities can positively impact your treatment result.

Eating red meat is bad for the treatment, and it will be even worse to drink alcohol and smoke tobacco. Consult with the expert first so you will know about the things that you must not consume for the sake of the treatment. Aside from that, having sex will also be prohibited, it’s because the trip after consuming the tea will take a lot of your energy. Expect to do this for at least 1 week before and after you drink the tea.