How To Prevent Coronary Heart Naturally

Coronary heart disease has become one of the problems of Indonesian society and even the whole world, this is due to high mortality and lack of prevention done by sufferers to treat heart disease. According to a site, I had read in 1980 Indonesia was ranked 10th in terms of the incidence of heart disease and blood vessels until in 1986 it increased to the order of the 8th worldwide. In some ways, it is not entirely complicated but it has become the greatest challenge of mankind in overcoming all sorts of illnesses. There are many factors that striking the difference in the cause of a person’s death resulting from a heart attack. Such as unhealthy lifestyle of smoking, consume cholesterol, obesity, geographical conditions and others. So try to eat our best products, supplement with nitric oxide that can maintain heart health and blood pressure.

In accordance with the causes caused by cholesterol that can affect the function of the heart because the cholesterol will strengthen blood vessel cells that can lead to blood flow to the heart or the whole body jammed. While in general cholesterol itself is divided into 2 cholesterol produced by to buy and cholesterol produced from food. one type of cholesterol that is very bad for the body is Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) that can clog blood flow. In some ways emotions can be useful but still more negative than positive things, problems can also arise from uncontrolled emotions like heart attacks this is because if a person is being overcome by emotion than the heart will beat faster than normal and blood flow very heavy. Under normal conditions the human heartbeat is between 60-80 beats/min but if the emotional heartbeat can exceed 200 pulses/minute and this is certainly very dangerous.