Dofollow Attributes and One Way links

According to the theory, Dofollow is a link that counts Google as a ‘vote’ for your website, whereas nofollow does. So if you get many quality backlinks with 7 criteria above but the link does not do follow, then it is a big loss. Some say nofollow still counted as a backlink, there say no. I think personally, this link is still possible to count, but the percentage is very small when compared with the do follow the link. In order to keep it looking natural, I suggest in building backlink do follow nofollow percentage You are in numbers around 80: 20 to 95: 5. Do not all the backlinks you are looking for just do follow because it will look unnatural for search engines, nor do most links nofollow Than do follow because the backlinks you build will be less powerful. You can ensure your SEO activities run well by using the services of

One way links or one-way links. A few years ago link exchange (exchange link) among fellow bloggers is a common activity and very often done. This activity is quite effective to increase Pagerank and strengthen the backlinks from sites that do link exchange. Unfortunately, in Google’s algorithm which is now reciprocal links of this kind has much reduced its value (probably because it has been abused too much). One way links (links one-way) to our website is much better than two-way links (two-way links) such as link exchange model/link exchange. The reason is quite simple because we get a backlink (+) without having to backlink (-).