Cheap and Expensive HDMI Cables: Which One to Choose?

For those of you who have bought a console machine like PS3 and XBox 360 hdmi cables for cheap, you are familiar with HDMI. HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface is one of the industry-supported no-compression digital audio/video equipment.

When purchasing a console, sellers often offer you to purchase HDMI connector cables. Bids also range from hdmi cables for cheap prices to the expensive (premium). It is said that premium HDMI cable is expensive because it uses a pure gold layer as a conductor. Gold is said to be a conductive metal conductor so that the quality of HDMI images produced by the console to the screen will be different.

However, apparently, premium HDMI cable provides the same quality with ordinary or cheap HDMI cables. Even the official HDMI cable from SONY is said to not have a golden layer.
The reason is simple; this is due to the nature of HDMI which is digital. So the quality will continue to be maintained due to the digital nature of the “1” (flame) and “0” (die). So, it is actually the same whether you choose the cheap or the expensive one.