Blepharoplasty is Plastic Surgeon for Eyes

Plastic surgeon San Diego CA provide surgical services to reduce wrinkles and eye bags. For those who want the eyes look young and fresh plastic surgeon San Diego CA, this operation can be one solution.

This operation is called blepharoplasty. To run blepharoplasty, there are several things to watch out for. Before undergoing surgery, the patient should have a blood test. Blood clots have a very big factor in blepharoplasty. Then check the patient’s medication history. Some people are taking blood-thinning medication, so three days before surgery, the drug should be determined. When still consumed, the surgery process is more difficult because the blood is more dilute. Usually, more blood out and can occur swelling of surgery. The healing process will also take longer.

Blepharoplasty only uses local anesthesia, so the patient remains conscious. The easier it is to do it when the patient is cooperative. If the patient blinks more often, the surgery process will take longer.

One thing for sure is to keep consulting before surgery. Ask for anything, including the length of the healing process and possible side effects.